When looking for Audi’s For Sale In Lynnwood, Audi headquarters are located Germany. The company has been producing automobiles for one hundred years and it currently manufactures coupes, sedans and SUVS. The Audi brand is known for its Quattro technology and its ability to combine sport and luxury in a stylish form. Audi denotes each model name through the use of a letter and number.

The Audi A car models include the supermini A1, the A3, the A4, the A5, the A6, the A7, and the A8. The A1 hatchback can be purchased with either three or five doors. The A3 has the same frame options as the A1. It can also be purchased as a convertible. The compact A4 comes with a choice of three body styles; a hatchback, a coupe and a convertible. The A6 is available as a wagon, a sedan and a crossover. The five door A7 comes as a hatchback, and the A8 as a full size premium sedan.

The coupes and SUVs manufactured by Audi include the Q3, the Q5 and the A7 SUVs. The R8 and the TT are both available as convertibles and coupes.

Audi also offers a wide range of sport models including the TTS, the S8, the S7, the S6, the S5 and the S4. While the S4 can be purchased as a wagon or a sedan, the S5 is available in with a single frame option; the coupe. The S6 has either a wagon or sedan frame; the S7 as a hatchback; and the S8 as a sedan. A convertible or coupe body style is available on the TTS sports model.

The Audi racing line is made up of the TTRS, the RS4 and the RS5. While the RS4 has a wagon body, the RS5 has a coupe frame. The TTRS provides car buyers with a choice of a roadster or coupe body style.

Audi’s S line of models provides enthusiasts with a high performing driving choice.

The MMI system was created by the Audi corporation in recent years. This Multi Media Interface technology enables drivers to easily manage the entertainment devices in the cabin. The system is comprised of terminal and a screen, and reduces the amount of controls typically mounted on a dash. The control button to the MMI system is designed to be rotated and depressed. The display comes in a 5 or 7 inch format with a monochrome or color screen.

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