Chrysler for Sale in Lynnwood Washington

  When searching for a Chrysler For Sale in Lynnwood, it’s important to know what your looking for. Chrysler is the youngest of the American automakers “Big Three” as it was founded in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler, a well-know machinist. Chrysler soon earned a reputation for advanced engineering and in 1928 was able to buy the Dodge Motor Company and create the DeSoto and Plymouth divisions of the Chrysler company.

The History of Chrysler

In the 1930s Chrysler engineers introduced the Chrysler Airflow, it was one of the first cars to forgo square lines and was aerodynamically shaped. The public hated the futuristic looking car and it was flop. Chrysler managed to live through the depression thanks to its Dodge and Plymouth brands. These entry level car lines were low priced, traditionally designed and sold well.

Following World War II the company was at its zenith, it managed to surpass Ford and became the number two car maker in the United States for a while.

In 1958 Chrysler introduced its most famous and sought after engine design, the “Hemi” V8. Chrysler was a direct competitor to Cadillac and the new Hemi put out 180 horsepower – drubbing Cadillac and at the same time beginning the horsepower wars of the 1960s. It was in the late 1950s that Chrysler introduced classics like the 300C and the renown Town and Country.

In the 1970s Chrysler was in financial disarray and petitioned the federal government for a $1.5 billion loan guarantee to prevent it from going bankrupt. This was the first time Chrysler received a government bailout.

But, with the uncanny leadership of car maker Lee Iacocca, chairmen of Chrysler the company zoomed back to life and paid its government loan off 7 years early. In the 80s Chrysler bought AMC and got control of the Jeep brand.

Following a merger with Mercedes, ownership by a private equity firm, the managed bankruptcy of the industry bailout in 2010 Chrysler eventually came to be controlled by Italy’s giant automaker Fiat.

Thanks to its brief relationship with Mercedes Benz Chrysler reaped some important benefits including the popular Chrysler 300 which shared components with the E class Mercedes. Now the 300 is the flagship of the line-up, the 200 is an elegant entry level luxury sedan and its minivan and convertible are also notable.

Chrysler Cars For Sale in Lynnwood, Washington

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