Tracy and I are headed to Spokane for the biggest auto auction of the year (yes, Spokane! ).  DAA auction is having their annual Rock n Roll sale, this year featuring Joan Jet. Its always a good time anytime you more »

2010 is going to be a GREAT!

 I believe that 2010 is going to be a great year for everyone! Remember that YOU make your own future. You can make yourself happy or sad from the same set of circumstances. So how are you going to look at more »

Starting 2010 with a BANG!

2010…Am I the only one that thinks it is REALLY weird that it is the year 2010. I can remember reading ‘1984’ in high school and being told that THAT is futuristic. Weren’t we supposed to be driving hover cars more »

Carson Cars has been specializing in ‘second chance’ auto financing since 1968, and we are VERY excited about our most recent updates to our ‘inhouse finance’ program. We recently worked out a deal with the credit reporting bureaus, that now all more »